About us

What is Kunnskapsfest?

Kunnskapsfest is new five day festival celebrating the sharing of knowledge & innovation, while fostering visions, seeking out synergies across disciplines, encouraging collaboration and inspiring tomorrows change makers. The festival will highlight the exciting things happening in the region, contribute to creating local pride and profiling our region as a hub of knowledge and innovation. It's our hope to put a spotlight on what's happening on campus at NTNU, as well as in public and private sectors. Kunnskapsfest will make research accessible and relevant to everyone, creating enthusiasm and understanding of interesting and important developments across an array of disciplines. Knowledge is power - but it can also be fun!

Kunnskapsfest' Role

We support you as the coordinators, the curators of exciting activities, interesting storytelling and dissemination of successes! Kunnskapsfest (brand name in development) will be the main marketing arm that will draw key target audiences and expand attendance, enticing the audience through storytelling and engaging social campaigns. We will draw a red thread through all activities and festival content, connecting everything and polishing the result. It is also our goal to be door openers, spotting synergies, connecting people and disciplines with one another forging new ideas and collaborations! Simply put: We will add the whipped cream and cherry on top to enhance festivalgoer experience. We will not be responsible for creating the festival content (only small scale elements).