What is Kunnskapsfest?

Kunnskapsfest is a new, five-day festival celebrating the sharing of knowledge & innovation, while fostering visions, seeking out synergies across disciplines, encouraging collaboration and inspiring tomorrows change makers.


September 21-25, 2022


Trondheim - to be announced

Theme 2022: Ocean

Our oceans make up for approximately 71% of the earth's surface which shows how crucial the ocean is to humanity as a climate regulator, source for food, and important driver for development. The oceans are home to rich, fragile and still largely unexplored biodiversity, which provides a number of important ecosystem services. However, our ocean is under immense pressure from human activities such as overfishing, illegal activities and pollution that threaten marine health. The world's very first Knowledge Festival NTNU explores the role of the ocean now and into the future.

Who is behind the

new knowledge festival?

The festival is an NTNU initiative and is being produced by Marketing and Communications Manager, McKenna Starck, Festival Director, Tanja Holmen.

Want to collaborate?

Do you want to contribute to the work of bringing knowledge and innovation to the public? There a many opportunities to get involved and be a part of Kunnskapsfest 2022 whether you're a private company, student, professor, or private individual. Select one of the options below: